Paul Maul Electric offers residential and commercial electrician services in Portage, PA and the surrounding areas. Services include:

Electrical Repairs and Upgrades

If you are experiencing problems such as flickering lights, dim lights, or high electric bills, it may be time for you to repair your electrical system. You may notice that your breaker box looks unsafe or even has water encountering it. Don't wait any longer to get help. Many times, these issues can be solved very quickly with the immediate attention from an electrician.

Fuse box upgrades

It is very important for older homes to upgrade their electrical boxes. If you have a fuse box, you should know that these devices are outdated and unsafe. Newer homes will always have an updated breaker box for this reason. To aid those with older equipment, Paul Maul Electric offers fuse box upgrades. Make your home safer with this simple service.

New breaker box installations

Paul Maul Electric installs breaker boxes that can handle up to 2000 amps. A common reason for this service is the conversion from personal use to industrial or commercial use. Electrical systems designed for homes are not fully capable of handling the needs of high-usage businesses or structures. Avoid overloading such a small system and make this upgrade before expanding.

Switch and receptacle changes and installation

A common problem with light switches is that the light can experience a delay powering up after the switch is turned on. This is a very fixable problem and should be addressed. Other problems occur when switches or receptacles (electrical outlets) are physically damaged. Have Paul Maul Electric replace this damaged equipment today.

In addition to that, many homes have receptacles that accept only two prongs. As with fuse boxes, these devices are outdated and unsafe due to the lack of a ground. Make your receptacles safer by replacing these two-pronged devices with three-pronged receptacles. Another safety feature of newer receptacles is the addition of hole covers. With this type of receptacle there would be no need to use the child-safe outlet covers.

Complete multimedia system installations

Centralize and organize all your media utilities from a single source (phone, cable, satellite, internet, surveillance, surround sound) by integrating all of them into one box. This service is very popular among new homes and office buildings with an abundance of communication devices. This system promotes organization by managing all of the wires, thus avoiding the mess of cables that many offices or homes experience. Another point to highlight is the fact that this system has amplifiers for television signals. Many homes have cable lines split into numerous lines, which loses signal and quality (especially in high-definition systems). The amplifiers will solve this problem.

New construction wiring

Paul Maul Electric offers a complete “ground-up” installation of all electrical components needed to power your new home and make it safe. Paul is especially focused on maximizing your electrical efficiency and keeping all of it looking organized.

Energy saving lighting

Businesses or homes with the T12 florescent bulbs should look to convert to T8 bulbs to increase overall electrical efficiency. In addition to that, customers should get the fixtures converted to T8 as well. Also, consult with Paul Maul Electric about replacing your incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

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